Learn from a series of educational articles intended to inform and inspire action.

Some topics covered are:

The web of life that we all exist within
The emergence of power structures throughout history
Energy systems and extraction
The destructive and temporary nature of modern life
Ideas for a regenerative, post-capitalist future

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Alexa Carlson

Alexa is a political science major with minors in social justice and Asian-Middle Eastern studies. Her research focus is climate change in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of government stability and the efficacy of soft law international agreements. She studied abroad in Israel where she learned advanced Arabic and about the complicated history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Alexa has worked on a variety of social justice problems from access to mental health services to women’s issues in the prison system, but she is especially dedicated to international gender inequality.

Nikhil Khurana

Nikhil Khurana is an OSA storyteller. To this role he brings a passionate distrust of western, capitalist narratives, a revolutionary spirit against neocolonial oppression and a hopeful optimism in future possibilities. When he is not trying to construct fancy sentences, he enjoys reading, swimming in the river, and lazing in the sun. He hopes to keep writing while increasing his well-being and happiness.

Jake Marble

Jake is a student, writer, and activist-organizer based out of the Twin Cities. Originally from Milwaukee, he is an incoming senior at the University of Minnesota. When not messing around with words, he can often be spotted climbing far too high in trees, cooking, playing music, or generally being indoors as little as possible. 

He maintains a personal writing website, and has had work published by organizations such as Resilience.org, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, and the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters.

Keegan Robinson

Keegan is a current student at the University of Minnesota where they are indulging both their fascination with human behavior and love of words with degrees in Anthropology and Theatre. They are incredibly grateful to be able to experience this thing we call life and hope to move through the world guided by these powerful feelings of wonder and gratitude. When not writing, school-ing or action-ing, you can find them gardening, reading, playing games, making music, exploring their consciousness, or rooting through a dumpster somewhere.

Priscilla Trịnh

Priscilla Trịnh is at the University of Minnesota studying Sustainable Systems Management, particularly Food Systems. As a queer, second-gen Viet, she is drawn to the intersections of culture, communication, and consideration. 
When not working, she can be found near a body of water or bopping to music. Priscilla’s work has been featured in the Minnesota Women’s Press, Jeff Bridges’ documentary promotion, and more. Her World Food Prize internship brought her to the Philippines to work with indigenous farmers, and she continues to do food sovereignty organizing in Minneapolis. If reincarnated, she’d like to be a weeping willow or mango tree.