Neo-Colonialism and Modern Economic Institutions

14 minute read (2715 words) Colonialism never ended; it just changed forms. Let’s discuss some of the mechanisms that perpetuate colonial relationships between the global North and South.

Money vs. Energy: The True Cost

9 minute read (1942 words) What makes the economy go? Standard economic theory remains woefully energy-blind when it comes to identifying the true drivers of economic growth. In this article, we look beyond surface explanations to identify the ultimate driver of the global explosion of GDP during the last two centuries: energy.

Money, Debt, and the Growth Imperative

16 minute read (3373 words) What is money anyway, and how does the economy use it? Let’s take a dive into the nuts and bolts of capitalism and see.

“Enlightenment” and Industrial Revolution

14 minute read (2917 words) With land and forests pushed to their maximum, western Europe needed a new energy source to continue its exploitative growth economy – and they found it in coal.

The Emergence of the State

10 minute read (1940 words) Humans partition the earth and govern it, and each other, as their own. How did this trend start, and how did humans first start to concentrate power?

Hunter-Gatherers & the Dawn of Agriculture

12 minute read (2035 words) Humans didn’t evolve for agriculture; they evolved as hunter-gatherers. How do people live their lives in such radically different cultures?