Our story

Global economic systems and their dependence on fossil carbons are fueling the exploitation of people and the land and threatening the continued existence of all life on earth.

The Overstory Alliance fights for the future of life through education, research, and action.

Our work

A story compelling radical systemic change, supported by accessible information and education
Projects and campaigns that dismantle systems driving the exploitation of humans and the living world
Community models that reconnect us to one another, the land that we live with, and the broader web of life

Our principles

Intergenerational Justice: Our collective action or inaction will shape the condition of the planet for all future generations. We seek to navigate a societal path that sustains the flourishing of life into the deep future.
Interspecies Justice: All life has inherent worth regardless of its utility to humankind. We aim to cultivate a culture that values all life and create a world for all to thrive in.
Radical Diversity: Diversity is not only beautiful, it is how life adapts and builds resilience. We are committed to defending diversity, both biological and cultural.
Interdependence and Autonomy: All existence is intimately interconnected. We strive to fully embrace our interdependence while simultaneously seeking freedom and self-determination for all.