Our story

The Overstory Alliance is an organization and community that empowers humans to cultivate deep justice by reconnecting with the living world and defending the future of life.

We believe the multiple social, ecological, and economic crises of our time share a root cause: a societal system that exploits, built on a cultural story that separates.

Our commitment

We recognize that this resistance has deep roots. Indigenous communities continue to lead the world in honoring, sustaining, and defending life for future generations. As members of a colonial culture, we strive to not only show solidarity with these communities, but also to actively decolonize our culture and revive a reciprocal relationship with the web of life. We hope deep justice can serve as an ethical compass, guiding this process of renewal and creating justice from the roots for the future.

Our contribution

A story compelling radical systemic change, supported by accessible information liberated from conventional educational institutions
Projects and campaigns that dismantle societal systems driving the exploitation of humans and the living world
Community models that reconnect us to one another, the land that we live with, and the broader web of life