The Overstory Alliance is a community that empowers people to reconnect with the living world and defend the future of life.

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Pipeline Resistance

We work to support Indigenous-led efforts to resist the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline in northern Minnesota through media, training, and action. We aim to make Line 3 the most expensive pipeline that never gets built.

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Library Articles

We’ve written a cornucopia of articles about our world, its origins, its messy present, and the future it’s heading for. Designed for education, these articles tell our story, and why we fight for deep justice.

Articles from our library


The genocidal roots of modernity The world we live in is a product of genocide. Colonization and slavery were and are fundamental to European expansion, industrialization, globalization, and capitalism as we know it. The wealth of …

Food Sovereignty & Relocalization

EAT LOCAL! This is the vibe that permeates farmers markets, restaurants, supermarket chains, coffee shops, and entrepreneurial magazines. It’s printed on tote bags and proudly displayed on product packaging. It’s worn as backpack buttons and chanted …

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture often combines crops, livestock, and forestry The International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2019 Food & Health Survey found that less than 1 in 4 Americans had heard of regenerative agriculture, with 55% stating they …

Community Governance and Economies

We can think of governments as one would a species; the form of states evolved because they survived and reproduced in the past, but the future of any individual organism is not guaranteed. Modern states …

Economic Growth: Addiction and Its Alternatives

For half a millennium, the capitalist experiment has waged war with the earth and its most ardent defenders, catalyzing a climate crisis while marginalizing large swaths of the global populace. As the atrocities of its …

Learning to Live (and Living to Learn)

It’s a beautiful spring day and you’re walking through the streets of your hometown. Passing down the avenues of your childhood, you revel in the many sights and smells, nostalgic yet ever-familiar. In your wandering, …

Political and Economic Institutions of Injustice

In the west, we are often taught history as a battle between democracy and communism, or liberty and authority. The easiest response for humans is to see the world through these oppositional dualities, yet the …

The Human Superorganism

“And behold / The blue planet steeped in its dream / Of reality, its calculated vision shaking with the only love” These are words you may never have heard. I’m going to let you go back and …

Movement School

Overstory Alliance is partnering with Cooperation Northfield to host a program that teaches and trains passionate young people to be effective changemakers. We’re piloting the program in Minnesota this summer.

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