The Overstory Alliance fights for the future of life through education, research, and action.

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Learn from a collection of articles highlighting the interlocking crises and overarching stories of our time. Key topics include energy systems, the myths of our current economic systems, and ecological dynamics during the Anthropocene. These articles are intended to inform and inspire action.

Articles from our library

Food Sovereignty & Relocalization

How can we reclaim control, of the food system in times of turmoil? Food sovereignty may provide some hope, and relocalization provides the means.

Community Governance and Economies

The centralized states of the present are unsustainable in the face of resource depletion. Looking ahead, community governance offers a promising alternative.

The Human Superorganism

As human society has grown ever-larger, organized, and inter-reliant, our collective behavior remains simplified and predictable. Enter: the “superorganism.”

Systems Destabilization

Humans seem so insignificant on our own – yet our efforts, together, affect everything. Today, this leads to the unmooring of Earth’s systems en masse.

Movement School

Since 2020, we’ve worked in collaboration with Cooperation Cannon River to host a program for organizers seeking to be more effective changemakers through political education, trainings, and project mentorship.